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NetBackup SaaS Protection: Integration with Veritas NetBackup

Level 3

The Veritas NetBackup v10.0 release introduced integration between NetBackup SaaS Protection (NSP) and NetBackup to simplify the user experience. This release provides the ability to monitor and view NSP components for compliance and governance purposes, improving ease of use. 

This is a critical and foundational step in simplifying the user experience as there is no longer a need to toggle in between different consoles. Veritas NetBackup WebUI has a new tab under the Workloads section, called SaaS, where you can view your NetBackup SaaS Protection environment. Now you can use the same intuitive NetBackup WebUI console to monitor your SaaS workload protection.


From the NetBackup WebUI console, you can execute some administrative tasks, such as add/remove hubs, run discovery jobs, check the workloads protection jobs, and cross-launch NetBackup SaaS Protection console for drilling into detail or executing other create, read, update, or delete operations. 

In summary, with Veritas NetBackup release v10.0, you can integrate with your NetBackup SaaS Protection environment and monitor its entities and jobs from the same Veritas NetBackup console used for all your other workloads.