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New forum functionality released
 Several of you probably already noticed the new features we launched this week in Connect.  If you didn't, check below for a quick recap of some of the highlights:

Read and Unread threads in the forum view.  If you've viewed a thread, then come back later and somebody else has added a comment since your last visit we've added a nifty blue dot telling you to take a look at the new content.  As an added bonus, if you click on the blue dot rather than the thread title you'll not only open the thread, but you will jump to the first unread post in the thread.  Very cool.  Similarly, the "solved" icon links to the solution in the thread.

imagebrowser image

Threaded & nested forums.  You can now reply directly to a comment and have your reply "inserted" into the middle of the discussion in a threaded fashion.  Your comment will then be "nested" under the one you are replying to, like this:

imagebrowser image

Since we know that threading isn't for everyone, we will be adding the ability to turn off threading shortly.

New view of tags.  If you click on a tag, you now get a better view of the entire list of items with that tag.  So if you want to see all content related to BackupExec or any content tagged with "Beta" just click the tag title.  You can also RSS any of these tags - just go to the RSS link at the bottom of the tag page.

Private discussions.  Those of you that participate in private discussions on our public boards can now see which discussions are private.  Like this:

imagebrowser image

Up next, a total overhaul of the profiles area and "Ideas"  More info on those later!

Nesting of the thread would be very useful, when the discussion takes trun.

My Activity and My Unread need further improvements. My posts (where I have initiated the forum/article/blog) shold be a seprate option. For an active users, My Activity brings everything which I haev taken part in.

For sofe trivial mistake I have types the same reply twice, one after the other (copy/paste mistake)

Option should be  there to delete one thread that I have posted.


Excellent improvements.  Now it is almost like a real forum website. 
Firsto of all thanks for these improvements, now in a quick look is possible to see what's new on the forum.
lovely, but the most criticial item remains a decent search. the current search has no options, no refinement, no flexibility and makes the forums useless as a research tool. i used to contribute regularly, i no longer can. is there an ETA on a new search app?
We're already deep in development on a totally revamped search engine with better performance, improved results and lots of refinement options.  I can't say a date yet because we still have some work to do, but it won't be long. 

there should be a remove button if i hav posted a new discussion a if i find any vague or unsatisfactory responses.Pl look into it sir
If I try to create or edit a comment it seems to take a very long time to respond after clicking "Save". Is this something that will be addressed?
Is there a way to search on just a specific product?  I'm trying to perform a search, and I'm getting a slew of unnecessary results that involve products I could care less about.  Otherwise, a lot of the other features of this are pretty nice.

There seems to be a lot of work going on at the back end and I h ave seen lots of changes in the site since I used it earlier. These changes are for good.Really I apreciate your efforts to bring out these changes. Heads up to you guys...
The searching could be improved. I don't like it when i search for something and click on one of the results, then click the back button you get the whole "Webpage expired" thing. Then I have to click REFRESH and then wait a couple seconds to display the search results again.
There should be one section which describes all top Repliers Who earn highest Reward point
  • Today
  • this week
  • This year &
  • Overall
Thanks Connect Team, the changes are really cool
I Agree to  G_70508. 
This was a good feature in Juice and I too miss it.
It creates a kind of competion which encourages you to contribute more.
Hope this will be added soon.
 I noticed one thing and I am not sure if this is for everyone. If I vote 3 times at one time and 2 after say 5 hours then the next time when I vote, the points are credited after 24 hours of the second time I voted. However I should be allowed to vote and earn points for atleast 3 times after 24 hours of the first time I had voted. Please get this checked.

The Juice top 10 should come back.
Just like G_70508 say's.
  • Today
  • this week
  • This year &
  • Overall
On Juice there was also the Book section, it was helpful to read article about for example Packging starting from a index page.

Hey peter last night i was thinking about how we can Customize the symantec Forum ...

Suddenly something came in my mind

We can keep edit option at the bottom of all post & reply
So if Any Replier asked User for some more information then he can edit the Previously posted post ....

This Will really help in customizing & making Forum compact & informative What u think .... Will this Work Effectively..
The Users Top 10 was a fantastic functionin Juice.

Hope it will be back soon.

i dont know about the book

but what u are expecting is already posted in community
Did something change recently on how what each post/reply/etc. is worth?  It used to be each new post in a forum or reply was worth 5 points.  I noticed today it was only worth 1 point.  Not sure why it would have changed, but I don't think it is a good idea to reduce the amount of points earned for people that are providing help/assistance on the forums. 
Yes, the rewards system has undergone some recent changes. You can read about them here.  Basically, the community has been given more say in how much a particular piece of content is. You will receive a baseline amount for your contribution. And then, depending on how many thumbs up votes your post receives, you'll be able to earn additional points.
Ok, while I understand not giving as much of a weight on topics that may not be helpful or even pertain to a discussion, however, I think you risk losing valuable people that take time out of their day to assist others on the forums.

I would suggest giving a reply post a default of 5 points (as it was before), and allowing votes to increase or decrease the point value with a minimum of 1 point.  For example, if someone answers a post, they should get 5 points.  If it was very unhelpful or unrelated, people voting with a thumbs down could invalidate up to 4 of those points, however, if someone votes with a thumbs up, it would add additional points.  I think this would help to foster better quality posts.  Also, there are many times when a "problem" has been solved, however, the poster never returns to mark a post as accepted, or marks the incorrect post (their own) as the solution.  This basically does not reward the person that solved the problem.  It sounds as if you are attempting to do what does.

That site also force an accepted solution after a certain amount of time and helps to close out abandoned questions.

Just some feedback.

Bhawver may have a point. People who might have the answer may be reluctant to post simply because of that.
Maybe give the admins also the right to mark a specific post as a solution would solve it. Add the option of voting 2 posts as a solution.
I have a similar issue with voting points. I can vote up to 5 times daily, but unfortunately there are days when the votes don't come through.  Why is that?  I look forward to commenting and contributing wherever I can, but I also like to vote in support of others providing useful, relevant information.

thanks for any insight on this. 
Admins, Technical Support, and the Original Author all have the right to mark something as a solution. As for having more than one solution, we don't have that capability right now, but are looking into it. Stay tuned as we continue to improve and enhance the site.
Hi guys, The Symantec Connect Rewards Points has been updated so now you can vote as many times a day as you like. The big difference is, instead of the voters getting points for voting, the users you vote for are rewarded. This should encourage users to contribute more useful, well thought-out content. You can read the full details here:
My Signature no longer appears when I post Smiley Sad
Well it didnt when i created a post anyway lol!
 Was the points change announced anywhere (other than this thread)?  I think this is a very drastic change in the entire support system of this site and will decrease the amount of participation as people see their inputs worth less than before.
Pretty much better for now ;-) There is still some missing or poor tools like "polling" or "schedule registration", but we can still create a link to a google formular or a doodle ;-)
What happened to all the documents that are being linked to in posts?

For example, this document is not there:
I want to only see Ghost version 2.5 or greater but I have problems getting out of say 5 replies and getting back to before I looked at the post
usually I get kicked back to somehhere and have to select GSS again and then start over

got any navagation quick tips to go in and out of of post
The 'OLD' stn site had a feature whereby you could mark a thread so that it would notify you by email if a new comment came in.
I can't find this feature on the new site - Am I blind or does it not exist
Connect has more notification options than STN had.  Here's what you've got:

To subscribe to a particular thread, click the "subscriptions" link under the original post.  You can check the "subscribe to this thread" option or you can subscribe to any tags associated with that thread.

imagebrowser image

In addition, you can also set your subscription options when you create a reply to a comment, just look for that same "subscriptions" link below the area where you enter comments.

To subscribe to a particular topic or product, go to your profile (ME > PROFILE) then click the "notifications" tab at the top of the profile screen.  From there you can manage all kinds of notifications settings, you can subscribe to a topic (any time a new post is created and tagged with a product or topic) and you can change your notification options (send email immediately, send a digest once a day, plan text, html, etc).

Hope that helps!

Hi All,

After installing veritas Netbackup media server on windows 2008 server. I am not able to find or search any removeable tape drive on media server while creating storage unit on Solaris 10 based EMM server.

Please sugguest.

Mandeep SIngh Manj
Hi All.

We are having veritas Netbackup 6.5.3 solaris based EMM server. but we are not able to take Lotus Domino backup using lotus agent(Veritas netbackup 6.5) . We are having Lotus domino server on Windows 2008 Server.

I am able to take file system backup from same Windows 2008 server.

Please sugguest.

Mandeep Singh Manj.
Hi Mandeep.  I'd suggest you post your question in the NetBackup forum
I will use & abuse I think ;-)
Please help how to clean up virus Bloodbound.SONAR.1 
Hi Peter,

Was there any update recently which stopped members from receiving notification from forum threads ?