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Symantec Time Line

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Hi, I have the original installation floppy discs and manual for a program called "Symantec Time Line".  Has anyone any idea where I can get the discs replaced as the installion file will not run in the 1.44 Floppy Disc Drive.

I have tested the Floppy Drive by Formatting a spare empty 1.44 disc, which completed without any errors.

"Time Line" is a Project Management Program much like the "MS Project" Program that allows a Project Manager to list People who are working on a Project and all types of work to be carried out and a deadline for the work to be completed, etc.

Any help would be must appriceated.

Sorry if I have selected the wrong Communityand Product as Time Line is not available to select.





Level 6

I believe this was discontinued back in the mid 90's. I would doubt this is even available anymore, however, you can try support.