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newbie question on ghost32/ghost64 executable

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My goal is to create a snapshot of my computer prior to running tests on it and save it to an image file..  Run the tests. Then restore my original computer files prior to testing.

I opened ghost64.  Selected Local-->partition--> to image.  I select the source drive and the source partition.  I provide the image file name.  I select Fast compression.  I tell it to proceed and get a dialog titled Cannot Lock the Volume.  It asks me if I want a Force Lock or a Volume Snapshot.  I select Volume Snapshot. and proceed.  The image file is created.  I make changes to my computer and now want to reinstall the image.  I select Local --> partition --> From image.  I select the approproate partitions, etc. and get a dialog asking me if I want to proceed with partition restore.  I select yes.  I then get a dialog telling me a destination volume could not be locked as it is in use by another process.  It doesn't matter then if I select yes or no because it tells me a volume could not be locked.

My questions are:

While I am in windows, is it actually possible to take a complete snapshot of the hard drive or do I have to boot my PC to dos and run the ghost64 command from dos?

What is force lock?  What is volume snapshot?  what is the difference between these two.  Can't find any explanation is the help files.