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Veritas India Hackathon promotes Ideation and Innovation

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Hackathon 2023 is a talent fest for Veritas, India employees. Along with being fun, it also brings out the best ideas for our future product portfolio development. Team Veritas has always had an innovation DNA and the annual hackathon nurtures this and ideation. Through the two-day hacking event, employees develop and present their best ideas. The atmosphere in the office is abuzz with ideas and one can feel the excitement while walking around the floors.

This year’s Hackathon will take place on 2 and 3 March. Employees are given two days to deliver a quick prototype of their ideas followed by a demonstration for the judges on 6 March. Hacking takes place to generate ideas that would serve as a New Product Feature (NPF) or improve Operation and Support Efficiency (OSE) with four winners identified for each of the two categories.

This year’s hacking themes are; simplicity and automation, cloud-autonomous systems using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, elastic services, and ransomware/security – anomaly detection and protection against ransomware.

Over the years participation has grown, and I expect more than 600 participants sharing their ideas during this year’s hackathon. The highlight of Hackathon 2023 is that we have brought back face to face team collaboration. Even though participants can hack remotely, the team expects high energy on the floor with busy focus rooms, whiteboarding, and a lot of team collaboration.

As someone who enjoys challenges, likes to take initiative, and learn new things, I love to be part of the enthusiasm and camaraderie at the hackathon. This event takes some neat orchestration which is only possible with a cross-functional core team working for long days behind the scenes to make this event an enjoyable experience for everyone. It is a great learning opportunity for me and the team. Along the way, I get a front-row seat to witness the creation of new ideas and technology areas. I’m able to network with members across departments, learn from them, and build bonds that go much beyond the event itself.

Advice I would give to those participating in the Veritas Hackathon 2023, step outside your comfort zone, explore something new, and connect with people outside your team. Think like an entrepreneur. Make a strong pitch of your idea and take pride when customers use your ideas through our products.

If you would like to be part of the Veritas Hackathon in 2024, explore our career’s page for opportunities to join Team Veritas.

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