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Veritas partners with universities to mould the innovators of tomorrow

We live in a fast-paced world of ideas, and universities provide the earliest look at where the next big idea will originate. Companies aligned with early-stage research see initial signals of what’s going to be the next big opportunity, enabling a head-start on their competition. By combining research work at universities and within industries, we can make innovation available to our customers to solve the challenges they face today, and in the future.

Under the UConnect program at Veritas Pune, we aim to strategically collaborate with universities to facilitate innovation and research that solves complex problems and creates a more skilled workforce.

As I have always said, data is the gold of the 21st century. Students graduating from college must understand the importance of data and data life cycle management in the world. The UConnect program facilitates Veritas’ brand awareness in the enterprise data management space and creates affinity with students to pursue their careers with us. This program also aims to benefit students in getting ready for their industry experience. It looks at fast-tracking the assimilation process of students in the industry, helping them to contribute towards real-time solutions sooner.

With these objectives in mind, Veritas has tailored a course titled ‘World of Data Management,’ which provides graduatesCummins College of Engineering for Women, Pune, IndiaCummins College of Engineering for Women, Pune, India with a skill set aligned to our requirements. The course covers data availability, security, protection, and compliance, and is introduced as one of the electives for third-year engineering students at Cummins College of Engineering for Women, a premier educational institute in Pune, India.

It gives me great joy to announce that just last week, the course elective at Cummins completed its first run, with 21 students who chose this as their elective. Other colleges like Walchand College of Engineering and Institute of Management and Career Courses (IMCC) have expressed an interest in starting this course next semester. To equip college faculties to independently conduct this course, we plan to run a special workshop this summer.

In addition to this, we also instigated the Bachelor of Engineering (BE) Projects beginning June 2020, which culminated in ten project ideas from five premier colleges of Maharashtra, a few of which are also being considered for integration into our current product range. This is another example of how Veritas facilitates the refinement of talent before joining the workforce.

Finally, the UConnect team has conducted more than 20 webinars, where our technical directors and engineers introduce colleges to the data management domain and the Veritas technologies, which catered to this space.

It always inspires me to see young innovators take an interest in the trends of tomorrow. At Veritas, we have grabbed this opportunity to work on moulding these future engineers and technology leaders, helping us peek into the future and look beyond the struggles of today. Scouting for good talent is a herculean task, and we hope to make it slightly easier by preparing students for the world that is waiting for them.

Veritas' UConnect team works on building relationships with universities and collaborating with them to hone talent before it arrives in the industry. To learn more, write to the UConnect team at