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Welcome to the Veritas University Community on VOX

ROS Interns.jpg

I invite you to join Veritas University program leaders and our upcoming Veritas summer 2018 interns in the Veritas University Community on VOX. We’ve created this digital space to act as a one-stop-shop for information regarding internship and post-graduate opportunities with Veritas Technologies.

Here, we’ll provide updates on available and upcoming company positions, first-hand accounts from Veritas interns, and highlights on the range of engaging activities among our Veritas University teams in pursuit of professional development.

Veritas University is a part of a broad effort by the company to improve our communities; at Veritas, we're committed to the communities surrounding our global offices, partnering with local universities and university programs to inspire and support awareness and presence of diversity.

Everybody has a place in the world of technology – and on #TeamVtas this includes a collection of incredible interns that help to make #LifeAtVeritas so good!