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Women In Tech: Determination, Confidence and Hard Work helped Fabienne Daniels reach Club VIP

Fabienne DanielsFabienne DanielsThis week I caught up with Fabienne Daniels, Renewals Inside Sales Rep and I asked her about choosing a career in IT, what it’s like working at Veritas, her motivations and role models and why people should come and work here. So, here’s my interview with Fabienne, I hope you like it!

Zoe: Hello Fabienne, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for the #LifeAtVeritas blog series. I’ll kick off my first question, what made you choose a career in IT?
Fabienne: I love that IT is ever changing. Every day brings new challenges, developments but most important opportunities to grow. It is a great dynamic industry to be part of.

Zoe: What advice would you give to those trying to secure their first IT role?
FabienneDo not expect every day to be the same. Show you are eager to learn and can think outside the box. Have a can-do attitude and speak with confidence.

Zoe: What has been your career highlight to date?
Fabienne: I was honoured to make it to Club VIP this year. To stand there before my peers and be recognised by Lenny Alugas, EVP Customer Success as the Top Renewals Rep for EMEA was amazing.

Fabienne Daniels receives her Club VIP Award from Lenny AlugasFabienne Daniels receives her Club VIP Award from Lenny AlugasZoe: Fabienne, congratulations on your award and recognition. What do you enjoy most about your role at Veritas?
Fabienne: I love working in the different segments of the market. In my current role, I cover mostly Enterprise customers in Benelux, which covers Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, but I also work with smaller Commercial customers too. This allows me to build relationships and have ongoing conversations with stakeholders at many various levels within organisations. I am also part of the best team in EMEA (go team Benelux/Nordics/Cloud/BCS!!), I love coming to work every day.

Zoe: What leadership traits make a good leader?
Fabienne: I think a big part of it is putting your people first. If they are happy, feel heard, and have opportunities to grow, the rest will come. A happy employee will want to work and ensure the business is done. Also, know your stuff. A leader needs to lead by example. If they do not know the business their team is doing or can’t assist them when needed, I think they lose the trust and confidence of the team quick. So, if you do not know it- learn how to do it.

Zoe: Who are your role models and influencers?
Fabienne: Foremost the women in my family, particularly my mother and grandmother. They survived wars, horrible illnesses and poverty. Yet they came out stronger. They never gave up fighting for their family and dreams. I think that is one of the best traits I got from them. Even if you fall down, get back up and try again. You cannot reach your dreams if you stop trying.

Zoe: What motivates you?
Fabienne: I could go for the standard work-life balance, compensation etc. And even though this is not unimportant, these are things I think most people would like to see (maybe even expect) from their jobs. For me, it is much more about fulfilment in the role. I am known in my team as ‘the Fixer’.  I am most in my element when helping people/customers and looking for solutions. That chance to get creative, think outside the box as well as trying things is what I look for. Then to come out at the other end with something that works and can be applied is the thing that gets me going most.

Zoe: How do you define success?
Fabienne: Success for me is getting up in the morning not dreading to go to work. If you love your job, are good at it, can help others by sharing what you know and learn from them in return, I think you are set on a path to success. If I also manage to raise my little girl into a woman that fights for her dreams, I am good!

Fabienne Daniels helping out at a local animal rescue centreFabienne Daniels helping out at a local animal rescue centre Zoe: Why should people choose to work at Veritas?
Fabienne: Veritas is going places! We are already a market leader and we are evolving and changing to ensure we stay in this position. This provides heaps of opportunities to learn and grow, but also to share. With our employees coming from so many different backgrounds as well, we have this amazing wealth of knowledge and expertise. It is a great place to build a career! Plus, Veritas offers 5 paid volunteering days a year to each employee, I recently volunteered at an animal rescue centre, see the photo of a furry friend I met. I love dogs!

Zoe: Finally, describe Veritas in one word?
Fabienne: #OneTeam!

Thank you, Fabienne, for taking the time out of work schedule to share your career highlights, motivations and influencers. And congratulations on making Club VIP. This is one of my favourite interviews so far, as you can feel the positivity and drive in Fabienne’s words. Since starting the #LifeAtVeritas blog series one attribute that has popped up in every blog is honesty. I’ve started asking people to describe Veritas in one word, and for me, honesty and integrity are what sums up Veritas.

So, if you enjoyed this interview with Fabienne as much as I did and you’re interested in joining our team, then check out our latest job vacancies and apply today. Finally, watch out for more #LifeAtVeritas blogs and podcasts coming soon!