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FSA Migrations - Converting .url Shortcuts to FSA Placeholders

Level 6
Partner Employee Accredited

Recently I assisted a customer where they wanted to archive content on a CIFS-enabled NAS device which does not currently support FSA Placeholders.  In our testing, Enterprise Vault was successfully able to archive content from their NAS device and leave behind Internet shortcuts (.url) for archived files. 

The customer will be migrating to NetApp in the future and wanted the ability to migrate archived content from their current NAS device to NetApp.  One of the requirements for this test was to create Placeholders (instead of Internet shortcuts) for their archived files on the NetApp device.  Using FSAUtility.exe with the -pm and -c options, we were able to easily show how Enterprise Vault can assist with migrating archived content between these two hardware platforms and create Placeholders. 

The procedure for this has been documented in the "Migrating and Consolidating File Servers with Enterprise Vault" whitepaper in Appendix B.  This whitepaper can be found here: