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Netbackup IT Analytics - Mission Control Backup template

Level 2

Hi. Need help please. I need to setup a daily backup report and send to different teams. The report should at least show the backup status for the last 7 days. So I used the mission control backup template to set them up, scope using host groups. However, the result is showing as a collective of all the host groups I selected, without groupings, so we're not able to tell which host group that VM is on (host group is our representation of service). 

I'm trying to achieve something like the screenshot below. At the moment, I can only achieve this by creating individual mission control backup report and putting them altogether in one dashboard. That is very time-consuming especially with hundreds of host groups/services we have. I've already checked the IT Analytics report library but couldn't find one that will do the groupings in mission control. Hoping you can help please.