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Script needed to auto create VMs in NSS from vcenter.

Level 4

Hello All,

Since we dont have a vcloud director to import VMs in NSS, please suggest an automated method to create VMs in NSS for vcenter. Is there a method/script to automate.

Netbackup 7.7.3

vcenter 5.5 U3

Many Thanks



Level 5

Hi Dipendra,

The solution below provides a means to schedule the import of vCenter VMs into NetBackup Self Service (NSS). The import uses stored credentials to connect to a configured vCenter environment and imports VMs from a vCenter folder which an NSS tenant has been mapped to. 

The import compares a tenant’s NSS machine list with the associated vCenter folder, registering new machines for VMs found in vCenter and removing machine registrations where the VM no longer exists in vCenter (and no backup images exist for the machine in NetBackup). 

A scheduled task will be created in NSS with standard options to run the import on a regular basis.We highly recommend that you use the NSS 8.0 version, so please upgrade to NSS 8.0 if you are using an older version as this uses the latest V6 API;


PDF deployment instructions are included.  Please note that if the zip file is downloaded from the internet, it may need to be unblocked before unzipping by going to the properties of the zip after it’s downloaded and clicking the ‘Unblock’ button at bottom of first tab.  (Failing to do this can lead to misleading errors when the scheduled task is run which advise fixing the execution policy of PowerShell).