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Backup file on Windows failover cluster

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Hi community,

We have recently deployed Netbackup agent on 2 Windows cluster (Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 2016). All works fine but I've noticed that : after failover node, next backup is a full like backup.

Policies configuration : Use Accelerator, Enable optimized backup of Windows deduplicated Volumes
Client configuration : Use Change Journal

Unfortunately, activity history and backup retention to send you more information about error are erased.

I suppose that accelerator or change journal are the root cause of this behaviour. Netbackup documentation give information about Master configuration. I haven't see anything about client configuration.

What's your opinion ?



Thanks Marianne. I've just read secondary link. But, why there is no official documentation about this configuration ?

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LOL! You need to ask Veritas... Smiley Wink

I've contacted Support... and thier only response is to give me Admin Guide for Master configuration on cluster... Case have been closed quickly after.

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I would also be very disappointed in the response from Support. 
You probably got through to a rookie/ first-line support engineer who did not think it necessary to investigate a bit further or ask senior collegues.

I would rather expect this type of info in NetBackup in Highly Available Environments Administrator's Guide
but unfortunately (disappointingly) very little about NetBackup client in a cluster.

I have found in my 20 years with NetBackup that the manuals cover enough to get you going, and that it is not possible to have documentation for every possible scenario. 

This makes this type of forum extremely valuable - even after 20 years, I don't know nearly enough.
That is why I'm on this forum every day - I still learn and even ask questions when I cannot find the answers - somewhere out there someone must have the knowledge or real-life experience... 

Please do not hesitate to ask if you cannot find the answer in the manuals.


Didn't realize Marianne already posted the link I was referencing.

Thanks for you response.

I'm also disappointed by technical support. In the past, someone would have called me to understand my case.

Krutons, exactly. Marianne give the same information but I'm very surprised that information is not write in official documentation. My configuartion is very singular...

Unfortunately, tips to move track journal file give me another problem. I will contact post author.
Can you confirm that track journal is different that accelator ?

Do you have any recommandation about these features on Windows Deduplicated Volume ?

PS : oups, we can't reply to the old post.

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Are you perhaps using Accellerator in conjuction with Windows Change Journal ?
(****  EDIT **** Sorry, re-read your initial post and see that you have Client configuration : Use Change Journal

Please see if this TN helps in any way :

Another TN that might also be of value (not sure what your exact 8.x version is) :

Windows Change Journal limitation and Accelerator backups of NTFS Deduplication enabled volumes