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Import filters error

Level 4

Hello everyone! 

I have trouble regarding filter import in Activity Monitor. I have copy filter template from another server(it work here) and when i try to import this filter(Administration Console->Activity Monitor->Import) Admin Console show this error "Invailed filter options for current table."

Thanks in advance.


Level 4


I have nearly the same problem:

There are 2 different Win2008r2 hosts on which I installed Java Consoles.

I have made a group of filter options on one machine and decided to move it to another machine, but when I try to make an import on other host I recieve such error:
"Invalid filter options for current table"

Haven't been able to find the solution to this error so far.

Many thanks,

Best Regards, AlChie

Level 5
Partner Accredited Certified


We have meet the same error on windows 2016 after a crash of the java console.

The solution was to delete the folder 80000 located on user\appdata\Roaming\Veritas\Java to clear local setting of the java-console

Start again, a new folder was created with default options and the import of filter run correctly.