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Multistream from EMC Isilon OneFS v8 via NDMP

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We've upgraded NBU to v8 and OneFS to v8 also so that we can use the wildcard functionality...

Now all I need to know is how to get the selection syntax right!

We need to backup a specific folder. Within this specific folder are multiple folders; we would like each of these folders to be backed up on a different stream. Our users currently create folders (with no set naming convention) and then log a support call to have them added to the backup schedule. We would like for the folder to be backed up automatically (having been covered by the wildcard string).

Can anyone help with getting the selection details right? I've tried it already but I get "NDMP Backup Failure (99)" and "Could not resolve FILESYSTEM /ifs/location/user_zone/data/support/test_folder/* - invalid argument"

My selection list currently looks like this


set EXCLUDE=folder

set HIST=F


I have multistreaming enabled on the policy and the storage unit allows up to 4 concurrent drives. Multiplexing is off as we want to keep the data separated as much as possible.

thanks in advance for your help.


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Hi Marianne,

thanks for your reply.

The solution suggested would work if we didn't want to have an individual stream for each folder and if we had a set naming convention for folders.

Do you know how I would phrase the selection to get it so that each folder has its own stream? Is this possible? I was assured before upgrading both NetBackup and OneFS that wildcard selections in NDMP were possible in version 8 of both products.