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Hello Experts,

 would like to restrict the netbackup admin console access to other users so that they cannot start manual backup, restart, delete, modify etc... but they should have access to verify all the details in activity monitor and policy details.

I just dont want to resticts the access to specific component but on the persmission level.

Can i configure NBAC to restrict the Netbackup console access as i am running on or do i need to go with RBAC?

Master server OS: Linux 8

Netbackup Version:




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Yes Role Based Access Control - RBAC is what you should have looked at...

I would first read about it with full understanding prior implementing in prod env. good luck.

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Don't go the NBAC way, RBAC is built into the product. NBAC is glued on top of NBU back in time.

NBAC can't do what you want to do , so another reason for not going on a NBAC journey ;)

Also, NBAC is meant to be going away at sometime in the future.

RBAC is definitely the way, although this only operates through the WebUI (and API). If you are still intent on using the Java GUI, then there is a limited amount of control you can provide using the auth.conf file (refer to the NetBackup Administrator's Guide volume 1 for more details on the JavaUI control - Ch 34 for 9.0). 

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I want to prevent other users from accessing the netbackup admin panel so they can't initiate manual backups or restart or delete or edit existing ones, but I still want them to be able to see the activity monitor and policy information. Can I use NBAC to limit who may access the Netbackup console if I'm using version or should I instead use RBAC? driving directions


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Think of NBAC as if it does not exist.

You cannot restrict admin access with the Java GUI. 
Your option is to give read-only access using the Web UI (RBAC).