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Offline and online tape cartridges

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Hello all,

Just I need to list the offline and online tape media cartridges. How can I list which of my medias are available in the library and which of them went for offsite?

Thanks in advanced,


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Since you didn't posted your NBU version you can use either the GUI and run a media report (under Reports=>Tape Reports) or you run the following command, the online tapes (which are currently in the library) have a "robot slot number" and all offline/offsite tapes have "-" character..

Linux/UNIX :




Hope this helps


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I would take a look at vmquery command
on UNIX systems, the directory path to this command is /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/
On Windows systems, the directory path to this command is install_path\Volmgr\bin\:

-rn robot_number

Queries the volumes by robot number. A robot number is a unique, logical identification number for the robot where the volume is located.

This will produce what is in your library/libraries. Next what you can do is to run vmquery -ba to see all tapes...


Specifies the brief output format for volume information. This option can be used with any of the other 11 options.


Shows all volumes.




Hi chmeyerweck

Sorry for my late response. Thank you for your help. My netbackup installed on suse linux and it's version is 10.1.1.

I ran your mentioned command. i sent the result as an attached file. please take a look at it. there are some cartridges with robot slot number like the cartridge in the first line( cartridge number 1251L8 (Robot Slot number:7)) but it is not in the library right now. it is off sited in the past.based on my attached screen, you mean there is 17 online cartridges in my library right now. It seems it is not right. would you please guide me more

and another question, what is the difference between active and available? 


thank you so much


thank you for you guide. i ran the mentioned command. but it seems it shows all of my cartridges. some of them are not currently in the library and off sited in the past.



Easy stuff first:

The most common tape states :

Available: an empty tape ready to use, can be a already used tape where all images are expired or a new one.

Active: a tape which had the "Available" state and got choosen by NBU and has content on it and was used by a job and has space left to append more backup images 

Full: after being "active" and used for storing images the tape has reached the end of the tape (EOT).

Frozen : either NBU freezes the tape because of I/O problems with that tape (either more than 3 soft errors in 12 hours or triggered or you can also freeze a tape for safety reasons


When I count all tapes with a robot slot number there are 18, you mentioned 17 maybe you've overseen the catalog backup pool at the top of the output.

I think the explanation that NBU still thinks that the tape is still in the library is because there is an outstanding library inventory, or have you run an inventory after removing tapes?