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Some child jobs failed and other succeeded while master can't connect on socket to the client

Level 2

Hi All,

I am observing a behavior that needs illustration (Netbackup master server 8.2 windows based and media servers 8.2, and clients 8.1.2)  .

I am facing that the master server can't connect on socket for some clients, but it was connected and the backup policy is configured, then when the backup policy runs, there are some child jobs finished successfully while other failed with network related erro (25, 24, 41,...), noting that the media server connects normally to the clients.

As far as I know, that the backup communication process is mainly between the master and the media and between media and client, and the master shouldn't communicate with the client during the backup process. But when I checked the parent job I found that there are streams return back with an error:

Operation Status: 24
Jan 21, 2021 3:08:09 AM - end Stream Discovery: Policy Execution Manager Preprocessed; elapsed time 0:38:17
Jan 21, 2021 3:08:09 AM - begin Stream Discovery: Stop On Error
Operation Status: 0
Jan 21, 2021 3:08:09 AM - end Stream Discovery: Stop On Error; elapsed time 0:00:00

Also I am observing that Policy Execution Manager preprocessing takes a long time before this error happened.

Is this due to the auto-discovery, where the master needs to connect to client? Noting that I am using full path selections neither wildcards nor ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES, but, I am writing the path not browsing it. 

Any help to illustrate this behavior?




Level 6
Is this a MSWindows policy you talk about? Or it’s a DB policy?
If it’s DB policy then you may need communication to master from client.

No it is normal Linux and Unix filesystem backup (Standard policy)

Error 24, 25 or 40, 41 are usually Network timeouts. Know that NetBackup is just reporting the error as backup failure.

You can also try to increase client read timeouts to 900 or 1200 but this will only delay the backup failure if the timeouts is at the Network. Check If the clients are behind a firewall you may need to tune timeouts on firewall.