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VMWare Intelligent Policy fails querying custom attribute.

Level 4

We are currently having an issue backing up VM environment using VIP. This started when the VM which hosts vCenter was migrated to a different ESX host, and rebooted.

We use a custom attribute : NoVADP which is set to indicate that the VM is not to be backed up via VIP. This had been working fine until the aforementioned move of the vCenter VM. Now, whenever I run a test query I get "error parsing discovered XML data". It is definitely an issue querying on that attribute because if I remove it (its one of 5 criteria), I get results. There is another vCenter defined in the environment which also uses that attribute, and that one is running fine. The VM team can't figure out whats wrong with the attribute. Wondering if there is any log in NB which may point me in some direction. I checked NBSL log (I saw a reference to that log from a Veritas technote) and I see a message, but it doesn't really tell me what/where exactly the problem is:

0,51216,132,132,1216350,1487019807891,5072,5272,0:,84:ERROR: Failed to Receive data; Zero Byte received:0(NCFManagementFacetsImpl.cpp:303),27:NBCSConnector::handle_input,1
0,51216,309,132,13220,1487019807993,5072,5300,0:,147:xml parser fatalerror: input ended before all started tags were ended; last tag started is 'Start' at line: 1 column: 138 (../XmlInterface.cpp:607),32:XmlDocumentInterface::fatalerror,1
0,51216,132,132,1216351,1487019807994,5072,5300,0:,75:Could not able to parse XML data recieved.

The master/query host is windows running NB vCenter is version 5.5.



Level 6

Take a look at the ncfnbcs logs.  

VCS, NBU & Appliances

I rebooted the query host (a 5230 appliance) and the query worked. Not sure why it would have stopped working after a reboot of the vcenter.