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drive not listed and

Level 4


after Netbackup master server restarted  we cant see  drives on  activity monıtor tab drives. when we started backup  the job state does not change from queued state. 





Level 4

Hi @soolean 

Looks like Tape Drive zoning removed. I guess this is a windows server right ? If so, do you see the Tape Drives in Device Manager ?

If you dont see any devices under Device Manager then check the tape drive zoning and try to scan for new devices.

Level 5

Go to pathinstallationnbu\Veritas\Volmgr\bin and type robtest what do you see? If nothing check with your SAN adm if your robot is mapped to your operation system.

Level 5

First thing first can the OS see the drives, for windows look in Device Manager can you see the LTO drives listed. The same applys to Linux, I think the comand is "lstape" for Redhat . NetBackup as an application has no concept or ability to see drives only what the OS presents to the application. Investigate the OS layer and if you cannot see the devices listed then you will need to investigate the zoning if using FC or ensure that if using SAS that the cables are properly seated. I hope this helps.