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vsphere upgrade - how migrated vm's are affected

We are running NBU 8.0 and only use vmware policy (based on vSphere folder name) accelerated backups to MSDP.  We will be migrating all vSphere 5.1 vm's to a brand new vSphere 6.5 infrastructure.

Is there any guidance for this?  Obviously we are looking for as little NBU disruption as possible but are concerned that the migrated vm's might be seen as brand new vm's.  Does anyone know how exactly NBU identifies a vm?

In terms of the accelerated backups ideally NBU would be able to detect that it has an existing accelerated backup of the vm and so would not need to do a full (forced rescan) backup of the vm.  Would this work?

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Re: vsphere upgrade - how migrated vm's are affected

If you migrate your Virtual Machine to brand new vSphere infrastructure I'm thinking that the CBT info will likely get reset. This is what accelerator uses to track changes when performing VMware type backups.  I'm not able to test it in the lab, but my guess is that this is where things might be affected.