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Embrace Unified Cyber Resilience with Veritas 360 Defense

Community Manager
Community Manager

Protecting your business technology against an evolving array of cyber risks and security concerns is a big challenge that requires an advanced multi-layered cyber defense strategy.  Are you confident in your ability to protect and recover your IT services in the event of a cyber-attack?  Veritas 360 Defense is a comprehensive and proven strategy to keep your applications and data safe and highly available – using native functionality that offers immutability, indelibility, and resiliency to protect against cyber-attacks. Veritas 360 Defense helps you deliver IT services that are secure, resilient, and quickly recoverable while providing the smooth experience that your end users expect.

Learn more about the three principles of how Veritas 360 Defense is a multi-faceted, extensible cyber resiliency and data protection architecture in Tom Kozlowski's latest article: