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Recreating a replication pair - will previous target data be recognised?

Hi all,

We lost one end (source) of a rep pair, now we have moved to a different server (diff name, diff IP BUT same data!) and reinstalled VRE (v3.1). The RMS sees the new server etc. My question is if I create a 'new' pair to do the same job the old one did (straight overnight replication of an NTFS directory over a WAN link - directory is 30Gb+ in size!), will it insist on an initial replication of the entire contents, given that source server name etc have changed? Obviously I'd prefer if it 'picked up where ther previous one left off' i.e. recognised that the file contents are there on the target and work the deltas etc. 30Gb will take a looonnnnggg time otherwise.

Any advice appreciated.
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Hi Padraig, The new job will

Hi Padraig,

The new job will scan for differences between the source and target data but only migrate changed data. On that basis, as the two locations are identical, you may see a delay whilst the two locations are compared but no data should be migrated.