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Veritas Risk Advisor: Working with Reports

Level 2

Veritas Risk Advisor (VRA) is a data protection and downtime avoidance risk assessment solution that lets you diagnose disaster recovery and high availability (clustering) problems (also called “gaps”) and optimize data protection and reduce the risk of downtime.

VRA enables enterprises to effectively manage business continuity implementations to ensure that critical business data is protected. VRA automatically detects and alerts you to any potential gaps, best practice violations, or service level agreement (SLA) breaches.

VRA’s Report Generator automatically generates detailed reports describing your configuration and the gaps that it detected from information extracted from the VRA database.

VRA allows you generate multiple reports at the same time.

Also you can export the content into the MS Word, PDF, and MS Excel format.

VRA Report Types

VRA has the following reports:

  • Scan Status
  • System Event Log
  • Ticket Details
  • Storage Allocation Optimization
  • Unreplicated Data on Replicated Hosts
  • NetApp Filer Replication Summary
  • Unsynchronized Remote Replication
  • Old Replicas
  • Standby Pairs and so on

Report scheduling

VRA also lets you schedule when reports are automatically generated and sent to one or more email destinations that you configure. New reports automatically generate each time before they are sent. You may also choose to save the generated reports in the file system and access them later.

Learning More

For more information on working with Reports, see “VRA reporting” in the Veritas Risk Advisor User’s Guide.

You can access the User’s Guide and other VRA documentation in the Documents area of the SORT website.


Level 0

We have been using VRA for a few months and have started to build our own custom reports with SQL queries.

We are interest in investigating how to access the graphical interface, typically how are the graphs generated for the “Business Continuity Risk Report”? I suspect there must be some graphical software built into the application however I am unable to find any documentation that advises how to access the graphical interface.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Best Regards