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Maximum confusion regarding editions and licensing

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for years there is a confusing situation about editions and licensing which is overwhelming in a negative manner.

Three examples:

First, I just bought the product "Veritas System Recovery 16 Server Edition" which is complete labelled as "Server Edition" or "SR 16 Server Edition" with the exception of the "Serial Number Cerificate" where printed description is "System Recovery Small Business Server 16". My dealer says this is the regular "Server Edition". I feel confused.

Second, Veritas offers one edition called "Veritas™ System Recovery 18 Small Business Server Edition". In its product description you'll find two lines:

• Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2.
• Restore Microsoft Small Business servers from local or off-site destinations in minutes, even to bare

For years the product "Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS)" is no longer available from Microsoft. But " Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2" is not "Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS)"...?! Pure confusion.

Third, there is a edition called "Virtual Edition". I don't need it but according to some discussions earlier I use the edition "System Recovery Server 16" on a HyperV Host and backup complete host with all included virtual machines with this single installation. Is this usage ok or not? Confused again.

Hopefully somebody from Veritas will bring some light in this darkness.

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The server edition is exactly that - it is for Windows server based operating systems.

Small Business Edition provides support for Windows Essentials. You are right that Microsoft renamed it so this is probably something that we (Veritas) should consider doing as well.

Virtual Edition; this is a licensing 'bundle' that allows you to install VSR on both the host and ALL windows based virtual machines (for both VMware ESXi and Hyper-V, although you cannot install directly on the ESXi host). Now, if you only install on the host and protect all your VMs via a host-only backup, you only need a server edition license for the host itself. Doing it this way means less functionality in terms of restore (i.e. you cannot restore files/folders from inside the VM). Installing VSR on each VM and backing them up that way gives more restore options but means you either need to license each VM (plus host) or purchase the virtual edition.

Hope this helps to clear up some confusion.

Thanks for clarification.

Anyway, I still dont understand why imprint on "Serial Number Cerificate" of "Veritas System Recovery 16 Server Edition" (which is complete labelled as "Server Edition" or "SR 16 Server Edition") is "System Recovery Small Business Server 16". My dealer says this is the regular "Server Edition". But why this confuising imprint on "Serial Number Cerificate"?

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Difficult for me to comment regarding the certificate you have been sent because that is not something I am involved in but it does sound like a simple mistake to me. Our customer care team can probably help you with that.

If you want to send me (via private message) your license key, I can check and confirm which version it's for.