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Veritas Backup Recovery v18.0.4 Compatible Storage Devices

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I am creating a process for backing up and storing incremental configurations of a Windows 10 laptop using Veritas System Recovery 18.0.4.

I have connected a standard 32GB thumb drive and have been able to successfully create a restore point with standard compression of a 500GB HD.  The recovery image is ~20GB

When I attempt to restore from that thumb drive as a proof of concept I receive a Recover My Computer Wizard error message: 

"Error ED800012: The internal structure of the recovery point file (CRC Validation is invalid, damaged or unsupported." 

I am not familiar with this error, could this because I am using a non-externally powered storage device; is there an issue with using just a thumb drive?

Is this an issue with the thumb drive's storage, FAT32 or NTFS, the drive is NTFS as is the laptop hard drive.

Our goal is to include with the laptop to our remote workers the capability of restoring the laptops to a last known good configuration should their development work brick the computer.

Thank you



Hard to say offhand what the problem might be - see if this helps: - "Error ED800012 The Internal Structure of the image file is invalid damaged or unsupported" occurs when attempting to create or restore a recovery point

In theory if the backup is successful I would expect a restore to be too. Although a thumbdrive might not be as reliable as other disks would expect it still to work.