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Adding attachment to a post on VOX

Level 3


I'm struggling to find anything to tell me how to add an attachment to a post on VOX?

I have a thread open, and an earlier response was marked as spam as it had debug text in it.  I can't seem to find a link on a posting page on how to attach a file, and copy/paste/drag-and-drop of files into the text window comes up with an error that files with that extension aren't allowed:

"The file type (.txt) is not supported."



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello! Thanks for reaching out. The VOX team recently turned off the ability to add attachments and txt files to VOX posts to eliminate spam and private content from entering the public VOX channels. Can you find the answers and discussions you are looking for without the ability to add attachments? If not, we can see if we can temporarily turn the attachment functionality back on. 

Hi @benspickard ,

That makes sense.  It was suggested that I add my diagnostics as an attachment on thread as I got a post with diags in it rejected as spam.

Without an ability to post a text file as an attachment, I'm not sure how the collective community here might be able to assist?  NBU5.1 will be so long out of support that we wouldn't get a contract even if we asked for it! :)


Community Manager
Community Manager

We have turned attachment sharing back on! Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know if you run into problems, as there could be a delay with functionality.