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My initial thought of the new website

Level 4

I'm with @D_Flood and @deejerydoo. The look is horrible and I find it difficult to navigate through the website. My initial thought of the new website was "this might be a reason for not to visit here anymore". Looking at this literally hurts my eyes, I mean like I have to look away for a bit because its so white and plain.

As stated before, it looks a bit like a social media website. What I look for in a technical forum is easy-to-use and effiency rather than candy-like appearance.

I personally don't mind the @ to direct a certain reply to someone. I like the Kudos button, it gives a possibility to appreciate one's post. What I don't understand are the avatars, I mean, seriously? Please add at least an option for a blank avatar - I could upload a blank picture but again, seriously.

I have little to none confidence the website will change much (if any) but just a thought: make the entire Comment box smaller and implement a box that could be ticked to stay on top while you scroll up/down. This would be helpful if a thread is long and you need to scroll up and down while replying.



I was browsing through FAQ looking where to contact for my missing certifications and accreditions (couldn't find by the way!). And I came across this: FAQ.png

I have marked subheads with red. Either the website is not intended for Firefox users or thats just poor execution. Subheads should be with bigger font than the actual context for easier read. I feel like I'm using a beta version