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VOX Groups and improving the relevance of content on VOX

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In a recent effort to improve the relevance of content on VOX, we pared VOX Groups to only those being actively engaged by users; we want VOX users interested in participating in groups to be able to benefit from the focused discussion styles possible in a product-specific or regional collection of other Veritas customers, employees, and partners.

Currently, we offer the ability to create a VOX Group with a General or Regional focus, so users may form a VOX Group to address the needs of users of a specific Veritas product, in a certain professional role, or working in a defined region of the globe.

If you are interested in reinstating a retired VOX Group, or creating and maintaining a new VOX Group, please reach out to me @AlexMatts via VOX direct messaging, or via e-mail at

I’ll ensure your interest and effort is supported.

cc: @Dollypee @JustineVelcich @Thiago_Ribeiro @TylerWelch


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Hi Alex,

I sent a request to reinstate New York VOX group to the provided email above.

Please kindly assist.

Thank you