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NetBackup SaaS Protection: one solution for backup and archive in the cloud

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Organizations around the globe are shifting their legacy IT infrastructure and workloads to the cloud. With the increased adoption of cloud apps like Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), Box, Slack, etc., the amount of data is also increasing daily. Increased data in cloud applications translates to an increased risk of company data loss and the inability to track, hold, or monitor data for regulatory compliance and legal obligations. Many organizations overpay to buy multiple point solutions for these different requirements and still don’t get complete control over how they back up, restore, and archive their data.

Our view continues to be that backup and archive are the low-hanging fruit use cases of the cloud. You need a centralized tool to manage and back up all these services. With its cloud app integration, NetBackup SaaS Protection (NSP) enables enterprises to regain control and address these challenges by providing backup, restore, and archive in one solution.

The Need to Modernize Backup

AnjuSingh_0-1649207948603.pngCloud technologies are becoming the backbone of mission-critical business operations, which has raised concerns about the safety and security of critical data. Unfortunately, SaaS application providers offer limited cloud backup and restore capabilities, often not meeting the needs and desires of business customers.

There seems to be a general awakening to the fact that customer data in most SaaS and PaaS services are not being backed up, driving demand for third-party, segregated backup copies of the data that resides in your SaaS and PaaS accounts (e.g., Office 365, Box, Slack, AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, and others).

The Need to Modernize Archive


Organizations, many times, need an archival solution to comply with regulations about data retention. It is often a requirement from your organization’s Legal staff or keeping it for historical purposes.

IT leaders want to replace legacy archiving products with cloud-based ones, stop managing tape libraries, and retire legacy applications. Furthermore, some SaaS applications contain data that require archiving, either for capacity management, discovery, or compliance, and IT leaders want a cloud-based archiving solution for this.

Why NetBackup SaaS Protection?


Organizations want their backup and archive solutions to be straightforward. They want to reduce the infrastructure footprint their teams are managing. They want to get out of the weeds of backup and archive. Thus, the more SaaS applications a backup and archive solution supports, and the more automated they can be, the customer receives more value. Vendors with older solutions will find it increasingly hard to compete by offering DIY virtual appliances and IaaS-based cloud approaches.

NetBackup SaaS Protection has a significant competitive beachhead as a single, unified platform for a broad spectrum of backup and archive use cases. For its supported use cases, NetBackup SaaS Protection delivers an impressive depth of features, and the solution meets the performance and scalability needs of large enterprises. Some of the key features are:

  • Protection for SaaS Application Data​: Automatic data protection, time and bandwidth savings, flexible restore options, granular restore.
  • Archiving for Compliance​: Archive, policy-based retention controls​, data residency controls​.
  • eDiscovery: eDiscovery for SaaS application data​, flexible search options​, legal hold.

NetBackup SaaS Protection is ahead of the pack in terms of SaaS delivery, whether that be our provisioning speed, upgrades, billing, data sovereignty controls, or security hardening. NetBackup SaaS Protection combines the best of both worlds: enterprise scalability and security with an authentic, reliable SaaS experience.

Find out more about NetBackup SaaS Protection here.

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Well written blog capturing the zest of NetBackup SaaS Protection.