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Optimizing Data Protection Visibility and Security in Multi-Cloud Environments

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With current cloud workloads expected to double within the next 12 months, more than 50 percent of enterprise organizations have adopted a cloud-first strategy. And due to the pandemic, this trend is only accelerating for businesses to remain competitive.

Migrating applications and workloads to the cloud can help businesses cut costs, accelerate innovation, and increase scale, but there is always the risk of a cyberattack. In fact, every 19 seconds, a cyberattack occurs. It is only a matter of time before an attack will occur. Every organization and individual needs to know if and how their data is secured, wherever it lives.

NetBackup IT Analytics supports heterogeneous cloud, backup, and storage vendors. The latest release (11.1) optimizes data protection visibility for scale-out, multi-cloud environments, and accurately predicts recoverability from failures or potential ransomware risks. The new release focuses on security, Azure subscription visibility, and simplified deployment.

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The key features include:

Ransomware Scorecard

Just like a credit score that represents a consumer’s creditworthiness, the Ransomware Scorecard shows how prepared you are. from a data protection and business continuity standpoint, in case of a ransomware attack.​ The ransomware scorecard measures ransomware resilience and readiness in terms of data protection and recoverability. It is designed to help improve security posture if an incident is to occur, based on various environmental attributes.

Azure Subscription Management

When configuring the Microsoft Azure Data Collection Policy, there is now a Get Subscriptions tab that lists all of the Microsoft Azure subscriptions and allows you to select the ones you wish to report on.

You can then run Cost History reports by Subscription or Region to determine which region’s Azure subscriptions cost the most. You can also get a view of your overall spend on Microsoft Azure Subscriptions from last month, compared to the current month, for example, as well as your projected costs. Additionally, there is now a method to roll up all subscriptions into a single manageable report.

Data Collector Simple Deployment

The NetBackup IT Analytics Data Collector can now be deployed containerized in a Docker image on a Kubernetes cluster. This method enables efficient Data Collector installation using a single container image and reduces human errors caused during manual or ISO-based installations.

NetBackup Enhancements

  • Cross launch is available to the NetBackup web UI in any browser
  • NetBackup Flex Appliance collector for collecting node and storage statistics

Enhanced Security Features

  • Native password security enforcement—Password security outside of AD/LDAP enhanced to enforce stricter rules that can be enabled or disabled by an admin.
  • New probe called Security Details—Can be turned on for NetBackup IT Analytics Data Collector. IT controls the ability to see whether Malware Detection (a feature in NetBackup 10.0 and above) is being used. A report can be generated to identify whether a host has been impacted by malware, and the number of files infected.


In case you missed Conquer Every Cloud in October, we hosted a virtual event focused on understanding and solving the challenges of multi-cloud data management in the enterprise. One of the technical tracks covered how NetBackup IT Analytics Optimizes Data Protection Visibility for Multi-cloud EnvironmentsIn this technical session, Mark Salmon, Principal Product Manager, and Anna Simpson, Sr. Director of Product Management discuss how accelerated cloud migrations are creating visibility gaps that are resulting in unexpected cloud costs and increased vulnerabilities. This session includes new exciting announcements that show how NetBackup IT Analytics helps enterprises optimize data protection visibility for scale-out, multi-cloud environments, optimize cloud resource consumption, and detect potential ransomware risks. 

To learn more about NetBackup IT Analytics, register to watch the replay here, and visit