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S2EP27: 2019 South Africa Databerg Research

Level 2

In this latest episode of the Voice of Veritas, Zoe Sands, Social and Community Marketing at Veritas interviews Ian Wood, Senior Director and Head of Technology Practice EMEA on the latest 2019 South Africa Databerg Research findings. During the interview, Ian explains that a #Databerg is a concept developed by Veritas and describes the makeup of data stored by an organisation. This is a similar premise to an iceberg, where you can see some of the data (above the water) and some you do not (below the water) - in this case, the data below the water is dark data and ROT data.

Results from the 2019 South Africa Databerg Report show that the composition of clean data has almost tripled at 28%. Dark data has reduced to 41%, this is fantastic news, as it shows South African organisations are starting to get a handle on their dark data. There is still more work to be done in terms of classifying ROT data with organisations needing to stop storing everything forever, as typically people tend to be data hoarders and want to keep data in case they need it in the future.

Ian shares some useful data management tips and says data visibility is key in order to manage the data you have and that you need to create a workable data governance strategy sponsored by the executive team to prevent a data hoarding culture.

Cloud adoption rates are only slightly increasing in South Africa, not as fast or widespread compared to other markets Veritas has surveyed. Public cloud is still not anywhere near where it should be for South Africa says Ian. He highlighted that there are still concerns over cloud lock-in and how organisations get their data out of the cloud, this main concern has halted cloud adoption rates in South Africa.

The episode concludes with advice on disaster recovery and achieving data regulatory compliance. Find out more by listening to Ian’s podcast interview on the 2019 South Africa Databerg Research.

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