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10 years ago

Clearwell email proxy address


We have CLearwell 7.1.4 installed in our environment and per user is having around 100 proxy addresses of mailbox.Now requiremnt is user wants to display his atleast 60 email proxy addresses.I can achive this requirement If I set "esa.employmentmanager.max.emails=60" under Property Browser..


Please let me know how much is recommended figure for this property and what is the maximun figure which we can set here ?

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  • Hello Deepak,

    The property is: esa.employeemanager.max.emails - not employmentmanager.

    It is set at 20 as it is optimized with 20. Anything else has not been tested thoroughly. It doesn't have an upperbound set, but higher values could cause problems.

    It will make it difficult to read upon any increase for the amount shown on the GUI and it will slow down performance with any increase. I would not recommend you do this without creating a support ticket first and ensuring a backup of IC & LH first.