Backup & Recovery


1) Backup initiated from the GUI stays in Running state

2) Backup initiated via mysql_backup_script from the article asks for password interactively while "nbmysql -o backup" works fine


It looks like mysql_backup_script ignores .mylogin.cnf and keep asking for the password but it's because of incorrect hardcoded connection string. It connects to instead of localhost and 




are treated defferently. 



 It's just a workaround. When you create .mylogin.cnf  via mysql_config_editor use:

mysql_config_editor set --host= --user=<user> --password

and when you create a user for nbu use:

CREATE USER 'nbuuser'@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

after that backup works.


P.S. Check the password before use it. MySQL still can't use passwords start with "#", "%" and so on.

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