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Archive Shuttle has the unique capability to move Archives between Vault Stores, sites and even EV directories, and that from older version of Enterprise Vault - so are you on a previous version and want to migrate, align stores, export data or simply jump one or two Enterprise Vault versions - Archive shuttle is the right solution. The tool has already been used to move 100,000+ users so it's a tested and proven solution. Check out the use cases and why Archive Shuttle is an essential tool for any Enterprise Vault administrator.

Migrating archives is tough: Huge volumes of data need to be transferred and managed, while users need to have uninterrupted and seamless access to their data.

Archive Shuttle automates the export and import, while allowing for backups and data-integrity checks during the process.

At a glance

Archive Shuttle is the proven solution whenever an Enterprise Vault Archive needs to be moved, independent of the Enterprise Vault version or configuration. With its unique ability to track shortcut changes and prevent duplicate shortcuts in the target mailbox, it is the tool of choice for Enterprise Vault Administrators in charge of any kind of migration or consolidation project.




Archive Shuttle - Fully automated Archive migration  

Key Features

Archive Shuttle provides the following unique feature-set

  • Automated two-step process either via network or transportable media.
  • Migrates across Vault Stores, sites and directories.
  • Supports "moved Shortcuts" in user's mailboxes
  • Prevents duplicate Shortcuts after re-importing into the target mailbox.
  • Fully automatic activation and de-activation of user mailboxes.

Use cases

Scenario 1: Migration of user archives between sites
Most large enterprises have employees who re-locate between different company offices. Often this change is permanent or at least a long-term situation, which requires the user's personal mail archive to be transferred.
Instead of doing a manual export and import, Archive Shuttle allows to schedule the physical data migration and to carry it out over night without any administration intervention.

Scenario 2: "Spin-off" of business units into separate entities
In our ever changing corporate world, it has become a standard task to split out parts of the company into completely separate units. But how is this best handled in large archiving projects?
Archive Shuttle helps easily select Acive Directory groups and users that will be transferred to the new unit and to automatically move their data to the new companies' Enterprise Vault installation, providing a seamless transitioning for everyone.

Scenario 3: Acquisition of companies which use Enterprise Vault
When both companies use Enterprise Vault, Archive Shuttle can integrate both installations into a single installation, no matter what Enterprise Vault versions the two companies and independent of the Enterprise Vault configuration.

Scenario 4: Consolidating dispersed Enterprise Vault installations into a single directory
Because of bandwidth limitations, many companies have deployed Enterprise Vault with separate directories per site. As a result the users are only authenticated at their site and managed in separate EV installations. Today, with network bandwidth increasing all the time, GlassHouse Archive Shuttle is the ideal solution for companies WHO want to consolidate their multi-site install in a single, centrally managed Enterprise Vault system.

Scenario 5: Re-Implementing Enterprise Vault with a completely redesigned architecture
Let's be honest: Sometimes the decisions which were done a few years ago did not work out as we expected - and that's especially true when it comes to implementing software. Instead of deploying further updates and re-configuring everything while users are actively using the system, Archive Shuttle has a better approach. A new Enterprise Vault system according to best practise. Check and test the new system carefully and once it performs as expected, start to move the users from the old implementation to the brand-new setup. Why do an "open heart surgery" reconfiguring your old system in production, when Archive Shuttle can acomplish this from scratch?


For further information please see


This Archive Shuttle tool is surely pretty useful, and has features that the Move Archive utility of EV 8.0.4+ doesn't have.  I currently have an issue with this utility and have an opened support case, but doesn't want to pay for something else while the included one should already move archives between directories...


This is true, however Enterprise Vault is not a Mass Migration Tool. Symantec have stated that on a number of accounts and the Documentation includes that too.


"Move Archive is designed to address a number of scenarios that would require customers to movearchives between Vault Stores or sites but it is not necessarily the right tool to use when large numbers of archives are involved or entire Vault Stores need to be moved between servers. The followingtechnotes explain in more detail about how to move entire Vault Stores around or between servers"

In the span of barely three weeks, I have made significantly more progress on our Enterprise Vault migration using Archive Shuttle than the previous three months of frustration trying to use the Move Archive tool.


My Task

To move all of our mailbox archives from their current storage on a Centera to our new storage on a Clariion. Nothing overly complicated…no additional sites involved, no new company being acquired, etc…simply a matter of changing the backend storage.


My Experience with the Move Archive tool

Using Symantec’s included tool for this task seemed like an easy and obvious choice. During testing, I had some success moving a few small mailbox archives, but this was short lived. Any attempts to move larger archives or up the amount of archives being moved met with failure. Several of the moves became stuck at varying stages, and I spent the next three months working with Symantec support to try and fix the issues. Any move I attempted over this time would either fail outright or get stuck. Quite honestly, the Move Archive tool just seems to be incomplete and buggy and from a support standpoint, Symantec itself does not know enough about this tool.


My Experience with Archive Shuttle

Using Archive Shuttle, every mailbox archive in my environment containing less than 5000 items (roughly 2500 mailbox archives) has been migrated in slightly less than three weeks. Three weeks! In fact, Archive Shuttle is so easy to use that our backend storage migration has morphed into a complete realignment for our mailbox archiving structure (i.e. – specific mailbox archives on specific partitions for specific mailbox servers). And here is the “cherry on top”…not one single failure…three weeks, several thousand items exported/imported and zero failures.

Also, I cannot speak highly enough of Wayne and the rest of the team at GlassHouse. Wayne walked through every step of the installation and configuration of Archive Shuttle with me and spent more than a few hours helping me clean up our existing Enterprise Vault environment before beginning our migrations.


Simply put, Archive Shuttle is a necessity for any mailbox archive migration project.



Whats the speed of migration -- Throughput using archive shuttle

If anybody else has specific questions relating to our EV tools (Archive Shuttle, PST Flightdeck, EV NearSync, Revise etc) and professional services please contact me on or +447813601282.

Thanks, Andreas