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The series of Technical White Papers we are currently publishing are updated papers on the release of Backup Exec 2014. They are designed to introduce Symantec partners and end users to key technologies and technical concepts that are associated with the Symantec Backup Exec. The information within a Technical White Paper will assist partners and end users as they design and implement data protection solutions based on Symantec Backup and Recovery products.

This white paper is intended to assist technical personnel as they design and implement the Private Cloud Services features of Backup Exec™ 2014 and make related decisions.  The business value of Backup Exec™ 2014’s Private Cloud Services technology will also be considered in this white paper.

This white paper will explore the following topics related to the Private Cloud Services technology found within Backup Exec™ 2014:

  • Business Value
  • Key Terms
  • Private Cloud Services
  • Performance Considerations
  • ExSP Licensing Program
  • Notes and Best Practices

For MSPs (MSPs), backup and recovery continues to be the most critical service they offer their customers. Even a single instance of a managed service provider failing to recover a client’s data assets successfully, or failing to ensure a client’s ability to maintain business continuity in the event of a disaster, could result in the following:

  • Loss of that customer and associated revenues
  • Damage to the managed service provider’s reputation

In addition to the critical nature of backup and recovery services, compounding factors such as the explosive rate of data growth, the increase in complexity of business-critical applications, and the move towards cloud computing are compelling MSPs to modernize the backup and recovery solutions they offer to their clients to ensure they remain competitive in the IT services industry.

MSPs and Cloud Solutions

Market changes in recent years have made cloud-based backup and recovery technologies attractive to both small businesses as well as MSPs. Both are looking for better solutions to the problem of maintaining backups of critical business data at offsite locations to protect against disaster. For years, removable media solutions, such as tape, have been used to solve this problem and both small businesses and MSPs are looking to replace these legacy processes with automated, less complex solutions.

Responding to this market trend, MSPs are looking to leverage advances in internet bandwidth and cloud storage technologies to offer cloud-based backup as a service. Many MSPs are looking to leverage their own data center as a cloud resource to which secondary copies of customer backup data can be stored.

Backup Exec Private Cloud Services

Backup Exec™ 2014 allows partners to offer multitenant, offsite backup storage services to their clients leveraging their own data center resources as a cloud storage location. Known as Backup Exec™ 2014 Private Cloud Services, this capability is designed for MSPs looking to offer cloud-based, offsite backup storage to their clients. Backup Exec Private Cloud Services combines powerful data deduplication with multitenant cloud storage capabilities to ensure backup data is stored securely and enables the MSPs to leverage their own data centers as the offsite repository.

Backup Exec™ 2014’s Private Cloud Services capability allows MSPs to:

  • Offer cloud-based offsite backup storage to their customers
  • Leverage their own infrastructure as a cloud data center
  • Combine the speed of local site recovery with remote, cloud-based disaster recovery protection
  • Use Backup Exec deduplication technology to reduce storage costs
  • Leverage transfer drives to “seed” the cloud data center or to transport recovery data to a customer
  • Reduce the time spent managing removable media-based backup processes at customer sites
  • Protect both virtual and physical customer resources
  • Ensure customer backup data is encrypted and secure while in transit and while at rest
  • Secure the connection between client sites and the cloud data center with a choice of VPN solutions

This technical white paper offers an in-depth, technical look at how Backup Exec™ 2014 Private Cloud Services can be leveraged by MSPs to offer efficient, multitenant cloud-based backup storage services to their clients. This includes diagrams, best practices, prerequisites, and other key technical elements of the Backup Exec™ 2014 Private Cloud Services solution.

Note: For detailed, step-by-step instructions on implementing and configuring the different elements of a Private Cloud Services solution, please refer to the Backup Exec Private Cloud Services Planning and Deployment Guide available here: TECH172464

To read the full White Paper please download from the link below