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Related to a situation when we hav multi-slot autoloader,,, backups running every night ranging from daily to monthly .cherry on the top customer has himself set up media label,, external barcode which r bit difficult to understand like[instead of simpler one like dailymon1,dailytue2] HP0301L3 ,HP0302L3 ...... etc,not ready to partition the library logically, hav given certain media rotation cycle which should be strictly followed. after all


suppose we hav 8 slots 1 drive , a confusing media label like HP0301L3 ,HP0302L3 etc

create daily media sets according to the name convention of days like MON,TUE,.... WEEKLY 1. attach them to daily jobs .now customer also don't hav IT staff only sales guy who only load tapes every monday thats all. AHHHHHHHHHHHH [real pain handling such a project]

attach tapes on the first day itself ,, with ,tue wed thu fri sets and only 1 tape with weekly set rest 3 tapes in scratch pool
HP0301L3 mon,
HP0302L3 tue
HP0303L3 wed
HP0306L3 weekly1 and 3 scratch tapes

even if during any weekdays backup tape is complete it will pick up tape from scratch [by default action] not from any media set. it will protect the tapes from taken by any daily jobs.hence wil not break the media cycle.

If tapes hav only above mentioned like label and no other option
go to device then open slots right click the media -- properties give "media description" as per ur requirement like daily MON 1 and update this descripton along with media rotation cycle in separate document.It wil helpful in media management.

you will end up having clear and simple media list and customer satisfied rotation.

HP0301L3 mon daily mon1
HP0302L3 tue daily tue1
HP0303L3 wed daily wed1
HP0304L3 thu daily thu1
HP0305L3 fri daily fri1
HP0306L3 weekly1 weekly sat1

after job is complete u can still add media description[to scratch tapes or set associated tapes] without altering anything

comments criticism both welcome--- both will increase my effort level 
I partition all the autoloaders (and soon to be replaced by HP StorageWorks MSL2024s) as follows:

Daily        - Slots 1 --> 5
Weekly    - Slots 6 & 7
Monthly    - Slot 8

I don't bother with a cleaning tape, until there is an issue with media. We're in a slightly more fortunate position to have IT people on most of our sites (about 30 in total), and the remaining site tapes are changed by people who have been doing it for a while.
We use labels on the tapes, and I don't add descriptions in Backup Exec. I go according to the date at which the tape was assigned in Backup Exec to see when it was used.
I've instructed the IT reps to dedicate storage in a cabinet or cupboard, and label partitioned spaces there for the Daily, Weekly and Monthly tapes, and to stick to that. They obviously need to put the tapes into the correct slots or the jobs in the GFS won't run due to the retention period. I am the one generally restoring data, and I would know which tape is needed.
I tried partitioning an MSL6060 at our Head Office, but tapes simply got slotted back into any slot, which defeated the object.
When restoring, I ask  for a particular tape based on the serial number. We're not interested in descriptions, as it might cause some confusion in the ranks =). this has worked well for us, but I also send out regular emails reminding the IT stafF what's expected of them.
Some have gone as far as using a labeller to label the tape container with a tape description.
As far as changing tapes is concerned, it's done as follows:

Daily    - Every Monday morning (all 5 slots...we have 2 sets)
Weekly - Every 2 weeks on a Monday (otherwise Backup Exec only uses the tape in slot 6)
Monthly - once a month (on the Monday after the last Saturday of every month)

With us getting MSL2024s into the environment, it's going to take less pressure off the IT staff to change tapes. Unfortunately some of them don't do this, causing backups to fail. Having 24 slots will mean we're covered.

Hopefully this helps.

Ur setup and environment working fine for u dude..... but in my project we hav got defined XL sheet from client side .they hav mentioned media labels with each n everyday 
trust me media description is always a good option as we have send media related report to client as well. 

It does makle sense. I know how the backup environment works, but when someone takes over from me, it's going to be another story.
So you've given me some food for thought. =)