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Hi Forum,

Attached are some semi-structured notes regarding creating a test lab of NetBackup Appliances.

I tend to think of documents such as this as a work in progress, which is never really complete - but there should now be enough in this doc to help anyone at least get some virtual appliances booted and installed (as long as you have valid licences).  What you do afterwards, with NetBackup configuration and backup/restore testing, is of course up to you.

Please feel free to message me with corrections, suggestions, advice.

Apologies in advance, as I probably don't have time to answer all questions.

FYI - these notes are neither endorsed, nor supported by Symantec.



Nice notes SDO!


Thanks Riaan.

I'm working on tidying it up a bit and correcting a few (minor?) typos/spelling/punctuation.

I hope to post v0.4 as soon as I can.

Amazing job SDO.