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Symantec has added lot of features in Netbackup 6.5.3, which is really a boon for protecting Critical Application. I would like to rank top 5 features as per my experience:

5. Granular Restoration possible from Microsoft Exchange Backup
This is really a feature that we were looking our for. Now there two levels of protection available for Microsoft Exchange. First is the database level protection, where VSS snapshots or the API can perform full or incremental database backups. These can be used to restore individual databases or an entire storage group. This is very useful in situations of a partial or complete disaster of a site

Secondly you can use Netbackup to protect Exchange mailboxes at a granular level using MAPI (Messaging API). Mailbox backups are executed separately from Storage backup. These type of backups can be very useful in case an individual loses a particular mail or any granular item related to his mailbox.

Advantage: This feature reduces time, bandwidth and storage space in protecting large Medium/Enterprise level Exchange environments

4. Snapshot Client Support.
The NetBackup Snapshot Client provides advanced disk snapshot technologies for faster backups and restores. Using this feature, you can take frequent backups. This features is very useful for many environment, especially VMware and Oracle databases. A user friendly GUI is provided to configure snapshots and use these snapshots to perform advanced backup and recovery operations. This feature helps in instant recovery of critical applications restoring it to any point in time that you require.

3. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Support
Netbackup was one of the first software to provide data protection for Windows server 2008. It has enhanced its functionality to load Media server in Windows 2008 and perform a SAN based backup. This feature actually worked without any issues in most of our environment. NetBackup has also received “works with MS2008 certification”. for this feature.

2. Microsoft SQL Server: File Level Checkpoint Restart
Personally, I like this feature very much. I really beleive that the symantec engineers have spent quality time for enabling this feature. This feature allows the backup to be resumed at the point of failure, preventing the admin from having to start over from the beginning. This completely eliminates unnecessarily having to back up the entire database again. We really found this feature useful in environments where there was a lot of load on the SQL servers, connectivity problem etc due to which there were a lot of failures in SQL backup and the backup needed to be restarted again. Many backup admin are really happy with this feature as it helps them save a few hours daily.

1. VMware: VCB Incremental Backup

Wow, what a feature! Really useful and undoubtly the top feature for all Vmware environments. Few of our customers were really convinced to purchase Netbackup due to this feature. Netbackup defeats many other backup software’s due to its direct integration with VMware Consolidated Backup and its ability to perform incremental backup’s. With the help of this feature, we can back up the changed files within a VMDK. This new feature eliminates daily full VM backups, and still allows image level restores.

This feature has dramatically reduced the size of the storage space that was required for the VM backups. Also ability to restore files inside the VM’s add to this feature

In all Netbackup 6.5 is the best backup software available in the market today and there are hundreds of reason why it’s better that any other backup software.


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