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The Storage Foundation High Availability Product Management team is pleased to announce the upcoming SFHA 6.1 Beta Program.  SFHA 6.1 is focused on I/O Optimization, reduction of infrastructure, and unparalleled availability of mission critical applications while allowing customers to take advantage of new and continuing trends in the Data Center.

Over the next few weeks and months, we will post articles, feedback polls, online previews, demo videos, and whitepapers.  If you would like to participate, or you would like more details on timelines or components, please keep an eye on this page.  We will be opening up a private group allowing you to get a sense of what we will introduce in the next release and have the opportunity to get your feedback directly to the product management team.

If you are interested in direct download of the beta binaries to test out at your site, please let us know or contact your local sales team.

Join the beta group here. (Note: You must be logged into Connect to join the group.)

Ryan Jancaitis (ryanjancaitis) and Anthony Herr (aherr)

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Looking forward :)

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