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Executive Summary

The modern data center is more often than not heterogeneous in terms of hardware, software, operating systems and is moving toward virtualization and cloud technologies. While heterogeneity along with virtual and cloud platforms offer flexibility, agility and cost savings, they also introduce immense complexity in terms of management of critical customer-facing business services and applications built on a heterogeneous stack 1. Using different management tools and procedures to manage and maintain different tiers of a business service creates a challenge for today's data center administrators.
To minimize management complexity while meeting high Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Symantec introduced a new feature Virtual Business Services, which is powered by Symantec™ Cluster Server, powered by Veritas and managed through Veritas™ Operations Manager. Along with Symantec™ Storage Foundation, powered by Veritas, Virtual Business Services provides an end-to-end solution for storage and availability management in the data center, by helping customers efficiently manage applications, high availability and security across multiple tiers, different operating systems and different virtualization technologies. This white paper illustrates Virtual Business Services use cases, recommendations and example environments.

Written by: Niclas Blaback, Principal Technical Product Manager
Revised Sept 2013.

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