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Groups (server groups) is a new feature in Backup Exec 2012.

The functionality of this feature is often misunderstood by many. Some people think this is a way to create 'One job for multiple servers' while some think this feature allows to perform a sector level image backup of server's in the group for DR purpose. None of these are true.
Groups does not allow creating one job containing multiple servers selections. Neither does it perform sector level image backups (like SSR)
Server groups are a way to organize and view server information in the list of servers. Server groups can be created based on any criteria, like:
  • Server group with specific type of servers like File Servers / Mail Servers / Database Servers / etc.
  • Server group with servers that reside in a specific department / location / domain / etc.

Backup Exec comes with one preconfigured server group that is called All Servers. The All Servers server group contains all of the servers in the list of servers for a Backup Exec server. You cannot delete or edit the All Servers server group.

Server groups can be used to:

  • Create individual (separate) backup jobs with same settings for multiple servers in a group. 
    This can save a lot of time and effort required to create backup jobs as compared to creating jobs for each server one-by-one.
  • View list of servers added to that group.
  • Monitor status of all the servers in the group at a glance.


To create a new server group:


1. Enable Groups for Backup Exec 2012: Go to the Backup and Restore tab - select Groups - click on Enable (to enable the feature)
2. Create a New Group: Click on the Groups button - Select Add to open the New Server Group screen
Note: Group name indicates the name of the server group. (This will be displayed on the Groups pane) 
3. Add server to the new group: Filter options can be used to select the servers required to be added in this group. Once the required servers are selected, click OK. A new group will be displayed in the Groups facet.

To create individual (separate) backup jobs for all the servers in the new group:

1. Right click on the Group name - Go to Backup - Select the desired backup option.
2. In the Name field type a unique name for the backup definition.
Note 1:
  • Backup Exec will append the server name to the text entered in the Name field. Backup Exec uses the server name and the text entered in this field to create unique names for each backup job.
  • For more information on how to edit the credentials / change the backup selections / add a stage to the backup definition / modify the job settings see Backing up server groups.

Note 2: The green symbol beside some server's means "All necessary components are selected for disaster recovery". When all the critical system components are included in your backup job selections, the Simplified Disaster Recovery indicator on the selections pane reads ON. If you deselect one or more critical system component files, the indicator changes to OFF. 
If you deselect any critical system components, it can disqualify your backup data from being used in certain types of restore scenarios.
You must include all critical system components in your backup selections if you intend to use any of the following restore scenarios:
  • Simplified Disaster Recovery
  • Physical to virtual
  • Backup set to virtual
  • Online disaster recovery
3. After configuring the backup definition, click OK
4. Click on "Group all Servers" on the top-right to see a list of individual jobs. 
Notice the naming convention for the new backup jobs <Server Name - Group Name>
Note: All jobs will be created with the same settings. These can now be modified to change the target device, schedule, settings, etc as required by the backup administrator.

This is a great article because it helps explain how to quickly deploy backup jobs using the new backup paradigm.

Keep the information coming and help the customers get their head around the new backup model.

Good work!

WOW nice information

This acticle confirmed my suspision, that BE2012 is not for me.

The nolonger existing possibillity to use individual selection lists on many servers to create one tape job starting at one time, was not even printed in small types anywhere.

I had to try, while fighting the "randomly dissapearing server bug", to create a singel backup to tape job for multiple servers just like i have on my BE 11d.

Finally i found an answer here, that will save me some hours, so i can give up earlyer rather than later.

I could have saved my department some money by sticking to BE 11d, or simply by pushing data to backup server, and then schedule a tape dump. But now that the software is paid for, ill have to enjoy the expensive bling bling menus.

Backup Exec 2012 R2 will release soon (not sure abt the exact date though), but its coming up with lots of improvements... and yes, coming back with the ability to add multiple servers in one selection list (or multiple server to same job)

Check this official blog entry for more details -->

You can also sign up for the Backup Exec 2012 R2 beta program.

First, I need to rant.

As other users have stated, BE2012 does not work for my enterprise as did previous versions.  The inability to create one job encompassing multiple servers is a severe impediment to my job functionality.  I'm not sure what Symantec was smoking when they made this decision, but infuriating a huge chunk of your core clientele is probably not the best thing to do.

So after spending tens of thousands of dollars to expand BE to serve as my enterprise backup system I find that 2012 is nowhere near 2010 in relation to function.  It simply will not work in my situation, and I'm wondering what other, larger organizations have to say about this.  It can't be good.

OK, end of rant.

So does anyone have an idea of a timeline for these supposed changes?  If it's gonna be a year then I have no choice but to uninstall 2012 and return to 2010, where I can manage one job rather than >100 jobs!

Hi ristst.


Had the same experience. But i have found out a way that might work for me.

I create a "One-Time-Backup", and this job definition will then stay as a job definition on BE2012.

Then from the commandline (BEMCLI) run the job by the command:

get-bejob -name "[name of the backup job]" | start-be-job -confirm:$false

This can be done for each server, and if you add all the backup jobs you need to one powershell script and run it by scheduler, you might get the result you want.



Hi SuperBrain,

It has been sometime since this thread was added to, but as it was the only one that relates to my delema and I am hoping you can assist me!

We are currently running Backup Exec 2012 V14.0 Rev. 1798, and my question relates to Server Groups.

Backup Exec 2012 seems to poll our network and source every server on the network and place them in All Servers Group.  When I remove the unwanted servers they reappear after a period.  After some investigation it appears Backup Exec is continually polling our network and re-establishing them in the list.

Therefore how do I:

  • Stop Backup Exec contiually polling our network, and
  • How do I permenantly remove servers from the All Server Group

Thank you.

I believe the following may work for you.

In B.Exec 2012, go to the B.Exec button (I am not sure what else to call it). It is at top left of the GUI.  Choose Configuration and Settings > Backup Exec Settings > Discover Data to Backup.                    Deselect "Discover Data to Back Up".

Just make sure that if another admin puts a new server online that they know to notify you as to the specific backup requirements.

Hope this helps.