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InfoScale achieves AWS Outposts Service Ready designation

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Veritas takes the next step forward in delivering its Enterprise Data Services Platform on AWS Outposts with the recent validation of Veritas InfoScale. This achievement allows customers to deploy highly scalable and elastic enterprise applications that deliver data availability for hybrid cloud. Data availability is a business outcome that produces a continual service (7x24x365) without fear of disruption or extended downtime. While this might sound like nirvana, a closer examination of basic availability tenants is required to understand its true value and potential for the development of an enterprise resiliency strategy.InfoScaleOutpostFigure1.png

Having a resiliency-driven enterprise function enables your organization to focus on the tenants above as they are applied to the individual application(s) you plan to deploy on the AWS Outposts platform. It is important to understand that not all business applications are equal, and different tolerance levels pertaining to the degree of reasonable data loss (RPO) or service outage (RTO) can be determined through an application resiliency assessment.

InfoScale should be thought of like a Swiss army knife because it is much more versatile than a simple tool to eliminate downtime and drive application resiliency, but it also can accelerate application performance through storage efficiencies and provide infrastructure agility to maximize your AWS Outposts experience.InfoScaleOutpostFigure2.png

The AWS Outposts Service Ready Program, which is part of the AWS Service Ready Program, was launched back in September 2020 to help customers find technology partners and solutions validated by AWS and be integrated into an AWS Outposts deployment. Veritas achieved its first AWS Outposts Service Ready designation with NetBackup this summer (here). With both data availability and data protection now available, the enterprise resiliency strategy is achievable for AWS Outpost deployments.

Imagine the possibilities with unified availability and resiliency orchestration.InfoScaleOutpostFigure3.png

InfoScale has provided enterprise customers for more than two decades with the essentials required for application resiliency, storage performance, and infrastructure agility whether deployed on-premise, in a public cloud environment or now in a hybrid-cloud environment like AWS Outpost.

InfoScale provides application and database agents for SAP, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and other customized agents for starting, stopping, monitoring, and reporting to facilitate the handling of application failover and failback operations.

InfoScale Deployment in the Same or Different AWS Availability Zones

The figure below is an example of two EC2 instances that have been configured as two nodes within an InfoScale cluster on two AWS Outposts in the same or different Availability Zones (AZs) within a virtual private cloud (VPC) inside a single AWS region. The nodes are set up in an active-passive mode, whereas the first EC2 instance will act as the primary (active) and the second EC2 instance as the secondary (standby). If the application running on the primary EC2 instance or AZ1 fails or becomes unavailable for any reason, InfoScale can failover the application to the secondary EC2 instance within the same or different AZ.InfoScale Availability architecture on AWS Outposts in the same or different availability zones.InfoScale Availability architecture on AWS Outposts in the same or different availability zones.InfoScale Deployment in Different AWS Regions, VPCs and Availability Zones

The figure below illustrates the basic architecture of deploying InfoScale on AWS Outposts, where the Outposts units belong to different AWS regions and use different AZs but still use the same AWS services. The primary purpose of this reference architecture is to provide application resiliency when an AWS region failure occurs.InfoScale Availability on AWS Outposts in two different regions, VPCs and availability zones.InfoScale Availability on AWS Outposts in two different regions, VPCs and availability zones.In summary, the AWS Service Ready Program validation of InfoScale allows customers to deploy mission-critical applications on AWS Outposts in different use case scenarios to achieve the business outcomes required to maximize application resiliency in the cloud.

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