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Posted on Oct 20, 2020

On-demand data storage for DevOps environment using InfoScale storage checkpoints


Easy to use and manage, InfoScale storage checkpoints provide a flexible and efficient storage management solution for D...

Posted on Oct 13, 2020

Easy, Repeatable InfoScale Installation and Configuration with Ansible

Watch how easy it is to deploy InfoScale with Ansible.

Posted on Oct 13, 2020

From Reactive to Ready: Why Resilience is more than Backup

Employee Accredited

Everyone knows you need to protect your data. It’s become a truism of our times. But, the thing is, there’s no intrinsic value in data alone. Unless you can index, search, or...

Posted on Oct 6, 2020

Migrate and optimize your mission-critical applications in Microsoft Azure with Veritas InfoScale

See how the integration between Veritas InfoScale and Microsoft Azure enables you to streamline your mission-critical wo...

Posted on Sep 21, 2020

Enterprise storage management and application availability for Azure VMware Solution

InfoScale provides application availability management to use AVS as a target environment for applications with the most...

Posted on Sep 15, 2020

Veritas ensures InfoScale Zero-Day Support for new Red Hat releases


Read how Veritas ensures InfoScale support for new Red Hat releases, on the day they are released.

Posted on Sep 1, 2020

Deploying Latency-sensitive Applications with InfoScale Volume Replication (VVR)

Veritas Volume Replication (VVR) is an advanced data replication solution that provides organizations with a foundation ...

Posted on Aug 25, 2020

Increasing Flexibility for InfoScale Environments with the VIOM API

See how Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager APIs provide several options to help manage your InfoScale environment.

Posted on Aug 17, 2020

SmartAssist: A Workload Analysis Tool


SmartAssist is useful, not only for determining the Optimal Cache Size for any given workload, but also to determine potential benefits of deploying InfoScale.

Posted on Aug 11, 2020

Optimizing Storage Performance in AWS with InfoScale

See the test results that show storage IOPs could be increased by 32.1% when utilizing SmartIO to configure the ephemeral EC2 storage as a read cache area.

Posted on Aug 4, 2020

How to easily deploy and configure Infoscale using Ansible

See how to reduce administration overhead and simplify operations using Ansible playbooks to install and upgrade InfoScale.

Posted on Jul 21, 2020

Visibility and Automation for the Software-defined Data Center

Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager (VIOM) provides a modern and intuitive user experience that helps you maximize resource utilization and optimize your data center assets.

Posted on Jul 21, 2020

Safeguard against ransomware with a proactive resiliency strategy


How can organizations safeguard against the threat of ransomware ? Today, the best defense is a proactive resiliency str...

Posted on Jul 15, 2020

Clustered file system tiering to the cloud

Veritas file system (VxFS) provides a hybrid storage environment that seamlessly integrates local on-premise block storage with cloud object storage, along with a mechanism to...

Posted on Jul 15, 2020

Simplify data management across your hybrid multicloud environment

Using multiple data protection solutions in a hybrid multicloud environment can be risky. Learn how consolidated data pr...

Posted on Jul 7, 2020

Veritas InfoScale Enterprise and TIBCO Enterprise Message Service

Veritas InfoScale works in concert with TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS), to build a resilient, highly available e...

Posted on Jul 1, 2020

Building a highly available Informatica EDI platform with Veritas InfoScale Enterprise

InfoScale gives cost-effective, high availability, and high-performance shared storage with increased efficiency and agi...

Posted on Jul 1, 2020

Go Beyond Backup & Recovery


The data center transformation has brought new ways of deploying infrastructure to increase efficiency. Are you taking full advantage of the tools that take you beyond backups...

Posted on Jun 30, 2020

Arm your organization against the enemies of zero downtime

Ransomware, complex environments, and the unknown threaten your ability to maintain zero downtime—but the right solution helps defend against such threats.

Posted on Jun 24, 2020

Enhancing Oracle RAC with InfoScale Enterprise

See what Veritas InfoScale can do to enhance an Oracle RAC deployment.

Posted on Jun 17, 2020

Veritas InfoScale Enterprise for Oracle Single Instance with Fast Failover

Companies with high availability and uptime requirements can mitigate the added cost of Oracle RAC by deploying Oracle S...

Posted on Jun 16, 2020

Zero downtime in hybrid multiclouds: What’s holding you back?


For organizations operating in a hybrid, multicloud environment, achieving zero downtime remains a challenge. How can IT teams make 100 percent uptime a reality?

Posted on Jun 2, 2020

Increase the Availability and Performance of Your SAP Applications with Veritas InfoScale

Veritas InfoScale Enterprise is an SAP-certified solution for managing performance, high availability, and disaster reco...

Posted on May 26, 2020

Use Cloud with Confidence: Maximize Uptime and Performance for SAP Applications in Microsoft Azure

Veritas InfoScale makes it easy to provide high availability and disaster recovery for SAP workloads with customized age...

Posted on May 19, 2020

InfoScale and Azure Integration

An overview of how InfoScale integrates into Azure via its Agents.

Posted on Apr 27, 2020

Right-Size SLAs

When determining what solutions can satisfy the various recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RTO) in your organization, know that it's not a one size...

Posted on Mar 24, 2020

Saving energy and cost with the Veritas Flex 5150


Veritas designed the Flex 5150 specifically to run NetBackup in edge locations and remote offices, and save energy.

Posted on Dec 3, 2019

Migration of multi-tier applications to AWS at scale made easy

Today, not only data is growing at an exponential rate, but the number of applications is also growing. This growth coupled with increased heterogeneity of technology infrastr...

Posted on Dec 2, 2019

High availability + disaster recovery with Veritas InfoScale


Veritas InfoScale Enterprise agents for SAP provides end-to-end automated, orchestrated HA and DR for SAP S/4HANA running in AWS.

Posted on Nov 4, 2019

Cloud with Confidence: Infrastructure abstraction for always-on applications in Microsoft Azure

A hybrid cloud strategy is a great way to reduce costs and increase flexibility—and getting there doesn’t have to be the...

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