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20.6 to 21.4 upgrade - Ready; No backup exec servers with deduplication feature license are availabl

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The backups had not been running for some time as the customer did not have a license. The 20.6 version had run a job with deduplication enabled using the demo license. They finally got a new Silver license and it's locked to version 21.4 so I did the inplace update following the detailed guide. It only mention something about converting the Deduplication folder at the very end.

During the install it would not let me select the Deduplication option stating that it must be installed in the old version or you must install it latter after running the install once. This makes no sense to me as the jobs were running and Deduplication was selected so I'm sure it was installed.

When I try to run the same job it says Ready; No backup exec servers with deduplication feature license are available. The Silver license has it but the new 21.4 install said it was not installed but they were running a backup with it. ???

I did the second install of 21.4 to added the deduplication feature but now it says Ready; No Backup Exec Servers are available.



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is it this first scenario you are talking about -
How is it at the moment ? You have the dedupe storage online ? Are the jobs mapped to the current deduplication storage ? If it is a CAS MBES environment, Is the dedupe feature installed ( and dedupe configured) on that BE server where the jobs are delegated to run ?