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ACCESS DENIED when opening up BE 11d?

Hi guys!  I was connected to the CASO through the Remote Admin Console when I noticed that all of the Media Servers were showing up as offline.  I then closed out the Remote Admin Console, reopened it, and it said "access is denied" after putting in my credentials and the name of the CASO.
I then RDP'd into the CASO and tried to open up BE and got the same thing.  I then looked in the Event Logs and saw nothing noteworthy, and verified that all of the BE services are running.  Before I closed out the console, while I was still connected to the CASO, I did see that a backup job was actively running.
This issue has happened several times in the past month or so, and I really need to know why it is happening.  I can fix the issue by bouncing the BE services, but when I do that, it will kill all actively running jobs.  The job that is running on the CASO itself normally takes 2 to 3 days, so I'd really hate to stop it.  Yet, if I don't bounce the services, none of the jobs on the Managed Media Servers will run.
BTW, neither my credentials (domain admin), or the BE Service Account (beadmin), nor any other accounts are successfully able to authenticate when this issue is going on.
Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?  Thanks! :cathappy:
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Re: ACCESS DENIED when opening up BE 11d?

It's been one week, and it just happened again.  Anyone have any ideas on how to diagnose/fix this thing?  Thank you much!

Re: ACCESS DENIED when opening up BE 11d?

I should also note that this issue only occurred after we had changed the BE Service Account password.  But it doesn't seem related because it shouldn't work even after bouncing the services...right?