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BE 2016 stuck at System Files within a SystemState backup.

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I am having issues with BACKUP EXEC 2016 getting stuck at System State during a full backup of server to a NAS drive. The clock is still ticking but the backup is going nowhere. I've had to stop backup exec services in order to abort the backup.

After a few attempts with no success, I decided to backup just the System State component and nothing else (for testing purposes) but it seems to get stuck at the same point - System State --> System Files.

These are the following steps I have tried with no luck yet.

- Updates for server and BE16 right up-to-date.

- Reboot server a few times.

- Tried a different backup drive NAS-2 drive and external USB drive.

- Enable/disable Advanced Open File option using Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider.

- Backup drives are empty when backing up with 2TB capacity.

- Run vssadmin list writers. No issues all "State: [1] Stable" and "No error".


I've been tearing my hair out trying to figure out why trying to perform just a stock standard full backup can be so difficult to achieve. Open to any suggestions on what the problem could be. Cheers Smiley Happy

I have attached a log file of backup after it being aborted.







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Is backing up System State necessary or critical? Can I just backup the drives in my case c: and d: and be done with it.

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Without a system state backup, you would not be able to restore your server.  A system state backup contains things like the registry which is not backed up in a normal disk backup.

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Hello @Teo2710

I have exactly the same problem. All backups works fine without error, but system state backup freezes in system files copy, and backup job fails with errors: V-79-57344-65301 and V-79-57344-65072

Any suggestion??


PD: I have BE2016 agent in Win2008R2 physical server.

Unfortunately I haven't found a solution yet. I tried reverting back to my previous backupexec version 2012. But I can't even install it - **** my luck LOL. I've put this is one on the backburner for now. Just using WSbackup for the time being. Will have to speak to tech support later on...