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BE15 & Exchange 2016 CU17 - no individual items to restore

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I have recently updated Backup Exec from 2010 to 15 for a client. They recently migrated to Exchange 2016 with CU17, backup to tape and restore individual mail items worked fine back when they were using BE 2010 and Exchange 2010. Ever since the upgrade of both BE and Exchange, I couldn't get the restore individual items working. B2D to a local hard drive nor NAS didn't work (but I know for a fact that the backup IMG were created and catalogued end of the backup job).

I've checked every setting in BE but couldn't get this working other than restoring the database.

Is there a way to get this working?


Any error?

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You can't restore a backup of Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016. This is a Microsoft limitation, not BE. You will have to find an Exchange 2010 installation to do the restore.

As an aside, are you aware that BE 15 is no longer supported?


I would always recommend checking the appropriate SCL (Software Compatibility List) for whichever version of Backup Exec you are planning to migrate to.

The SCLs for the different versions can be found here:

Unfortunately CU17 for Exchange 2016 has only just been released in the last couple of months (June 2020) whereas BE15 is quite an old version of Backup Exec (base version over 5 years old, FP5 over 4 years old) consequently to get a version of BE that supports something as new as CU17, you would need to migrate to the latest release (v21.0) as even v20.6 only supports up to CU15.

@kf2013  No error as the backup to B2D was successful. The only problem is no individual items can be resorted as it only shows database when I tried restoring.

@pkh Yes I'm aware it's not supported.

I was actually trying to restore individual items of Exchange 2016 that I've backed up to a B2D folder in BE15, but it only shows dataset when I tried restoring but no individual items.

@PJ_Backup So looks like we may have to consider migrating to BE 21 then...


That would be my recommendation. If you still have problems then you can always raise a support call.

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Starting with Exchange 2016 CU5 the DB schema of Exchange was updated by Microsoft and older versions of BE like BE15 are not able to restore single items until you update BE to the latest version. Back then also other tools like Veeam was affected by this schema change.