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BE2012 - Error E0001402 Consistently #2

Level 3

I have looked through each of the five KB articles here in reference to the error E0001402. If I go to BE Icon in the top left of the console, configuration and settings, backup exec settings, Oracle, I see the server I'm trying to backup there. That server is offdomain but per KB recommendations, I've added our domain suffix to it. If I go to that VM, the agent is up. When I test credentials, everything works. The full backup runs and fails shortly after the 250-300gb mark and reports the E0001402 error.

BE2012, Server 2008R2. Oracle 11.2. Nothing else is already listening on port 5633.

If the credentials weren't right as specified by all the KB articles for this error, why would it get upwards off 250gb of the backup done???

Edit: Are the credentials in this tab supposed to be Oracle or the server itself logon credentials?







Level 6

Make sure you are current on all the hotfixes and Service Packs by running Live Updates, also repush the agent to the remote servers.

Level 6
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The servername in the Oracle tab is added as OracleServer1. Do ensure it is typed exactly the same (case-sensitive) while adding the Oracle server in the Backup & Restore tab.

Secondly, add the actual "SYS" account under Database Access and not SYS AS SYSDBA. Unless, you prefer using a non "SYS" account, do ensure the new account has sufficient privileges per