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BE2014 SDR

I have recently upgraded our finance server to BE2014, I have checked the backup this morning from Friday evening and it has worked fine so this morning I created an SDR disk.


I am trying to restore the backup on a spare DR server that I have, its exactlly the same as the original server the only difference being it has larger drives installed, I boot from the SDR disk as I did with BE2012 and go through the process but my problems arise when I reach the 'disk configuration' section.


Normally I would click on advanced and set the drive up, there would be a warning regarding missmatched mirrored drives but I can click next and sort that later, on BE2014 it will not let me proceed it sits there telling me I have a 100MB system reserverd that is mirrord and missmatched although there is plenty of romm on the drives.


Is there anyway of telling it to ignore the mirrors as I can sort that later once the system is restored.