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I have a customer running 10d (fresh build) on a Windows 2003 SP1 Server running as a DC. The Job Engine will crash in random locations on random times. Normally it will work for a week then crash somewhere. The jobs were deleted, recreated, the drive was replaced (HP Ultrium 960) twice, system board replaced twice (Proliant ML370 with embdedded SCSI) AND we rebuilt the server from scratch. So pretty much every route has been taken.

I have placed the Job Engine to be in debug mode through the registry. When I looked at the logs I saw nothing. We have placed numerous calls to Veritas support prior to the rebuild of the server that said to reinstall Veritas or do a repair - that obviously isn't it.

The last Dr. Watson has this information at the end - I can't find anything about it:
"The exception generated was c0000005 at address 7C82F583 (ntdll!RtlGetLastWin32Error)" . The job fails since it's in recovery. This time it happened about 13 minutes in the job before it could even access a remote server to backup.

Any ideas?

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It seems the job engine crashes at random times. Does this happen on local backups or on remote backups too? Since when does the problem occur? Check for errors in the Windows event logs when this happens.

Revert with details if the issue persists.

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The problem has occured since april - two months after they turned on password protected sessions for the backup. We found that 9.1 had issues with password protected tapes and upgraded to 10 since the Dr. Watson's were exactly the same, but still had issues. The problems occurs locally and remotely. Then we decided to rebuild the server from scratch.

2 nights ago the job failed on what seemed like the local server's C: drive in the windows directory. This server is a Windows 2003 Domain controller and a backup server - nothing else. Last night it failed on a remote server during what looked like the Shadow Copy Components - this was a Windows 2003 Server - and it's just an apps server that is a member of the domain.

Both failures occurred at different times. It is the same backup job for Mon - Fri.

I am having the customer send me last night's debug log to see if I can spot any reason for the job engine to crash. I'll post anything if I find it.

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Hello Tom,

Please check if the problem is due to a problem in the communication with the device. Try a test backup to b2d.

Also check the system event log for event ids 7,9,11 or 15 on the device or scsi adaptor.

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